About us

We love wine. Once to both of us, almost simultaneously but quite irrespective, came an idea of making a site to help people buy the wine after having learned the preferences and appraisals of others . We met and discussed our idea and made a decision to go with it. After having got acquainted with the similar ever existing sites, we were really depressed - what chances do we have to compete with Vivino, Delectаble or CellarTracker? Unfortunately or happily we didn't lose heart and now we can submit the first result of our efforts - this very site.

Mainly, we hope to distinguish ourselves from the similar projects – this is the maximal accuracy of info and your wish to contact the users and respond to their requests. We understand that with time going on and our base expanding it will be more and more difficult to do it. But we'll do our utmost. We have got a lot of work ahead – it is filling the site with new information and launching mobile application etc.

We are looking forward to you comments and offers on the improvement of the site. You may have ideas for further development of the site. You may just notice a blunder or would like to find out how the site works. Anyway you can send your request or ideas to us on the address support@winecells.com.

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